Meeting Exhaustion Existed Before COVID

Meeting exhaustion is a very real thing. Turn on your ring light, camera and mic to get poised and ready to attend yet another meeting in an endless pile of meetings for the day. The sad part is, you will probably be answering emails and chats to ensure you have the latest updates to projects or efforts so that you can brief your management on what the latest is. It’s been here longer than the last two years though.

Even before we all started working from home, I remember being in standup meetings where people would dial in instead of walk down the hallway to attend the meeting. They wanted to be more productive. I remember seeing people on their cell phones answering emails while they were in the meeting! Nothing distracts the presenter more than a distracted audience. The purpose of the meeting is flawed because we are in a constant need to inform and be informed.

The true intent of meetings have been lost in this constant shuffle of projects, priorities and problems.

There is a solution!

The key purpose of meetings is to provide information and make decisions, right? The best way to provide better, richer information to the right people in a timely manner is to have better richer information centralized and available. Through the use of technology like Microsoft Teams, Power BI, Planner and other useful tools, you can create an automated method for hosting, presenting and tracking project data. The key is retraining your teams and mangers on where to find the important data and properly highlighting the important facts and decisions. You will still need meeting for information sharing and decision making but, informing the attendees before the meeting helps keep the meeting brief, focused and valuable.

I’m still an advocate for meetings but we need to take back the purpose and intent of them and think of ways to entertain, engage and inform those who are invited to ensure they are listening and most importantly, deciding so that deadlines can be met and costs can be conserved.

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